Event Management in Janak Puri

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Amass Travel Services Pvt. Ltd.

734, 8th Floor, Westend Mall, Janak Puri, New Delhi - 110058, India

Mobile : +91-8527241212, 8130834363

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Event Management in Janak Puri
Amass Travel Services Pvt Limited is a bankable name when it comes to organizing and planning of small, mid, and large scale events. We are a Delhi (India) based entity, specialized in keeping everything in order as per the requirements of the clients. Backed by a pool of qualified individuals we make proactive decisions to make your event(s) grand and successful. We specialize in hosting various corporate events and private events. Clients can bank upon us for venue booking, decoration, catering, menu, parking and everything including the final cleanup. So, contact us anytime for a detailed discussion.

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